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2012 A selection of pieces from The Cloud of Unknowing series David T. Hanson in Bill's Room.  September 7 – October 20 Nationally known Fairfield photographer David Hanson taught photography at the Rhode Island school of Design for nearly twenty years. He has received a number of awards for his work, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships. His photographs have been exhibited in many museums, including The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and are in the permanent collections of museums throughout the world. ATTENTION New Paintings and Photographs by Steven Erickson June 1, 2012    September 8, 2012 I am currently pursuing two distinct bodies of work, one is a group of mostly large abstract paintings which are built up slowly over time using mostly minimal color schemes and simple iconic shapes and or fields of dots. My interest is in creating painting equivalents for natural elements like air or earth. Many of these pieces are created using systems which replicate the laws of nature and I believe these systems or approaches give them the quality of evolving over time. They create a sense of timelessness even as they reveal themselves to be created in the linear flow of time. The second group of work is a photo documentary of a friend of mine going through breast cancer. Steven Erickson Beans Bullets Bandaids Five Screen Video Installation by James Meyer May 4, 2012    May 26, 2012 James Meyer is a long time Fairfield artist who also serves in the National Guard. He has eight deployments to the Middle East, four OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and four OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom), and more to come. He has documented his experiences through hundreds of hours of digital video. The installation is a five screen layered audio visual experience intended to convey his everyday life in that theater of war. "The video for this installation was shot during the summer of 2009 while deployed to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan," says Meyer. "As an artist I want others to experience aspects of my life there, from some of the most mundane to some of the most extraordinary while deployed. It is my intention that this five channel video installation give the viewer a glimpse into what a C-130 aircrew experiences in Afghanistan." Robert Hoerlein March 2, 2012  April, 2012 Jim Weidle March 2, 2012  April, 2012 Bill's Room March 2, 2012 April, 2012 ICON 10 Year Anniversary Slide Show April 6, 2012 - April 28, 2012 Slide show that relived a decade of ICON sharing the finest art in the region and beyond with our community. 2011 ICON Invitational, 2011 December 2, 2011  February 3, 2012 Mary Koenen Clausen, Diane Naylor, Rob Reed, David Rose, Michael Rutherford, Anna Sica Contemporary Art Quilts October 7  November 12, 2011 Astrid Hilger Bennett, Carol Coohey, Judy Zoelzer Levine BJ Parady The Fun Show  July 1 September 10, 2011 Sarah Baron, David Barnett, Tam Bodkin Bry, Philip Carlton, Karla Christiansen, Manuel Coradin, Dain Daller, Wendy Deutelbaum Elaine Duncan, Tim Doole, Carlos Ferguson, David Fleming Sarah Grant, Frank Hansen, Aleya Hoerlein, Francesca Hoerlein Dia Huggins, Bill Innes, Richard Kelly, Alyson Leigh, Leapin’ Lulu Joanie McGinnis, Diane Naylor, Kadie Roberts, David Rose Mike Rutherford, John Stimson, Karen Strohbeen, Bill Teeple Greg Thatcher, Jeffrey Thompson, Chris Vance, Jim Weidle Michael Weidle Thomas C. Jackson Broken Narratives  April 1  June 4, 2011 Ken Dubin  March 4  March 26, 2011 Three Women   March 4  March 26, 2011 Ananda Kessler, Joanie McGinnis, Beatrice Brook Ross 2010 ICON Invitational, 2010    December 2, 2010  February 3, 2011 Mary Snyder Behrens, Leslie Bell, Richard Beymer, Gillian Brown, Madeline de Joly, John Dilg, Steven Erickson, Laurel Farrin, David Flemming, Bev Gegen, Kathryn Hagy, Robert Hoerlein, Thomas C. Jackson, Shannon Kennedy, Ananda Kesler, Joanie McGinnis, T.J. Moberg, Travis Rice, Barry Ross, Greg Thatcher, Chris Vance, and Jim Weidle ICON Art Auction   October 1  November 6, 2010 Bob Hoerlein, Diane Naylor, Susan Chrysler White, Daniel Weiss, Joanie McGinnis, Michael Rutherford, etc Jeri Felix    September 3, 2011  October 23, 2012 John Beckelman and Daniel Weiss May 7  July 3, 2010 2009 The 3rd Annual Large Works Show, 2009 December 4, 2009  February 6, 2010 Heather Brammeier, Michael Brangoccio, Karen Chesterman, John Phillip Davis, Ken Dubin, Robert Hoerlein, Larassa Kabel Travis Rice, Cornelis Ruhtenberg, Jim Weidle, Ignatius Widiapradja Art and Mask Auction October  November 7 ICON Iowa 2009, Contemporary Realism July 3  September 5, 2009 Fred Easker, Steve Erickson, Robin Jebavy, Larassa Kabel Dan McNamerra, John Preston, John Stimson, Jim Weidle, Tilly Woodward University of Iowa 3-D Design Students May 1  June 5, 2009 Suanna Breed and Mary Snyder Behrens March 6  April 18, 2009 2008 The 2nd Annual Large Works Show, 2008 December 5, 2008  January 17, 2009 Charlotte Cain, Michael Peter Cain, Allen Cobb, Manuel Coradin, Ken Dubin, Aaron Fine, David Fleming, Greg Fuqua, Frank Hansen Robin Jebavy, Nancy Purington, Tilly Woodward Judy Bales Night Crawlers August 1  September 20, 2008 ICON Invitational, 2008   May 2  July 19, 2008 Geoffrey Baker, Ryan Jennings Clark, Madeline de Joly, John Dilg Elaine Duncan, Jane Gilmor, Shannon Kennedy, Mathew Kluber Julia Schwadron, Lawrence Sheaff, Jim Weidle, Susan Chrysler White Steven Erickson sacred and profane love February 15  April 19, 2008 2007 The Annual Large Works Show, 2007 December 7 2007  January 19, 2008 Lucas Blok, Steven Erickson, Laurel Farrin, Robert Hoerlein, Thomas C. Jackson, Matthew Kluber, Julia Schwadron, Susan Chrysler White Jim Shrosbree  0 + (suspension) and The Restaurant September 7  November 17, 2007 The Power Wagon Show June, July, August, 2007 ICON Grand Re-Opening    April 6  May 19, 2007 Judy Bales, Richard Beymer, Lucas Blok, Winifred Boggs, Suanna Breed, Gillian Brown, Charlotte Cain, Michael Peter Cain, Allen Cobb, Madeline deJoly, David Dunlap, Peter Feldstein, Jeri Felix, David T. Hanson, Robert Hoerlein, Brad Keene, Shannon Kennedy, Will Mentor, Mark Paul Petrick, John Preston, Cherie Sampson, Lawrence Sheaff, Jim Shrosbree, Jim Snitzer, D.D. Sunner, Tilly Woodward 2006 Halloween Mask Show 2006  October 6  October 21, 2006 Lynn Saville and Sam Oppenheim Photography June 2  August 15, 2006 VisibleInvisible  (Work From a Visionary Community, Coe College Show in Fairfield) April 7  May 20, 2006 Gillian Brown, Charlotte Cain, Michael Peter Cain, David T. Hanson Robert Hoerlein, Mark Paul Petrick, Jim Shrosbree 2005 2005 Holiday Show November 4  December 17, 2005 Jeri Felix Abstracts | Moons | Sculpture October 7  December 17, 2005  The Diversity Show July 1   August, 2005 David Dunlap Thank You for Holding Him in Your Story May 6  June 18, 2005 D. D. Sunner Cast iron sculptures May 6  June 18, 2005 Robert Hoerlein and Aleya Hoerlein FaDa Show February 4  March 19, 2005 Robert Hoerlein, paintings, and Aleya Hoerlein, installation 2004 2004 Holiday Show November - December 18, 2004 Tilly Woodward November - December 18, 2004 Jim Snitzer September 3  October, 2004 Peter Feldstein September 3  October, 2004 Visions of India July 2  August 14, 2004 Richard Behmer, Charlotte Cain, Michael Peter Cain, Madeline deJoly, David T. Hansen, Mark Paul Petrick, Indian art from the Terry Tucker Collection. Cherie Sampson Inside the Quiet Dwelling Where... May 7  June 19, 2004 Photographs and video of performances. Allen Cobb Ashtangakasha – Eight-Fold Space May 7  June 19, 2004 Sound space installation.   Winifred Boggs, watercolors A Very Private Collection March 5   April 24, 2004 Jim Shrosbree, Kathy Shrobree and Gyan Shrosbree February 21  ???May, 2004 Shannon Kennedy January 2  February 21, 2004 John Beckelman January 2  February 21, 2004 2003 Mark Paul Petrick an India November 7  December 20, 2003 Gillian Brown Insight Out November 7  December 20, 2003 Charlotte Cain Shall We Dance? September 5  October 25, 2003 Charlotte Cain paintings with sculpture by Michael Peter Cain  Bill’s Soup 1.5, New and Improved August 1  August 30, 2003 Featured Iowa artists including Ettie Kantcheva Cardone, Allen Cobb, Jennifer Blair, Suanna Breed, Jeri Felix, Paul Flowers, Fran Hoerlein, Suzy Hommel Hoff, Leslie Hollis, Brian Lav, Laura Mentor, Aaron Sinift, Kenneth West, Maurizio Zuluaga David T. Hansen The Cloud of Unknowing May 2  July 28, 2003 David T. Hansen photographs Gillian Brown, multimedia sculptures Tom Lassota’s 1967 Room April 4  April 26, 2003 John and Cindy Preston March 7   April 26, 2003 Bill’ Soup, 2003 January 3   February 23, 2003 Judy Bales, Truly Ball, Jennifer Blair, Gillian Brown, Allen Cobb, Elaine Duncan, Ms. Davis, Robert Hoerlein, Shannon Kennedy, Tom Lassota, Will Mentor, Brian Lav, Lawrence Sheaff, Jim Shrosbree, Becky Bollstedt 2002 Annual Student Show Featuring Fauna White, Danielle Shier, Rhea Good November 15  December 21, 2002 Jeri Felix Earth Magic October 4  November 19, 2002 Truly Ball and Judy Bales Confluence II Site Specific Installation September 6  September 28, 2002 Truly Ball and Judy Bales Confluence I August 4  September 28, 2002 Bill Jorden Mystical Landscapes August 4  September 28, 2002 Lawrence Sheaff Absolute Images, The Structure of Consiousness in Visual Form April 12  June 29, 2002 is it happening? January 25  February 23, 2002 Robert Hoerlein Jennifer Blair January 4  19, 2002 2001 Grand Opening November 9  December, 2001, Michael Peter Cain, Charlotte Cain, Jim Shrosbree, Mark Paul Petrick, Lawrence Sheaff, Bill Teeple, Gillian Brown, Robert Hoerlein