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Tantra: Ancient and Modern by David T. Hanson In 2013, as David Hanson was organizing an exhibition for ICON Iowa Contemporary Art of Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings and his photographs of Indian temples, he created a large diptych for the entry to the gallery, pairing a painting with one of his photographs. Intrigued by this combination, Hanson began what became a large series of diptychs and triptychs, juxtaposing his photographs of ancient Tantra sites in India and Nepal (taken during seven extended trips to South Asia) with Tantra paintings from his personal collection and ICON’s collection of Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings. ICON is now pleased to present an exhibition of a selection of prints from Hanson’s series “Tantra: Ancient and Modern” (2013-2022), opening on October 7 in ICON’s upstairs Hudson Gallery. The exhibition will also feature a new group of Shiva Linga paintings, most of which have not been shown before in the Hudson Gallery, and will include the video that Hanson and Allen Cobb created of the Shiva Linga paintings accompanied by the traditional Vedic chanting of The Thousand Names of Shiva. In the words of the renowned editor Mark Holborn, “[Hanson’s] combinations present a narrative that is comparable to the experience of wandering through the narrow streets and temples of the Indian subcontinent. We are offered a route of unparalleled visual power that is both timeless and of this time, glimpsed through the camera lens and created through the most delicate of brush strokes.” ICON Gallery is located at 58. N. Main Street, Fairfield, IA. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday Noon to 5:00. For more information contact Bill: iconbillteeple@gmail.com  or 641 919 6252.
58 North Main Street Fairfield, IA 52556 641.919.6252 bill@icon-art.org iconbillteeple@gmail.com
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ICON Biennial Art Auction  November 4th through December 15th, 2022
The ICON Biennial Art Auction launches on First Friday, November 4, 6:30 to 10:00pm in the gallery and Friday, November 4, at noon online. “The art auction is our main fundraiser,” says ICON Director Bill Teeple. “Donations from ICON members get us close, but it’s the biennial art auction that gets us across the finish line and keeps the doors open. Artists generally don’t have a lot of extra money to give to ICON, however, they can donate art work that we can auction to make money to help with operating expenses.” Over 150 works of art can be viewed on the walls of ICON Gallery. Oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, photographs, prints and reproductions will be on view. Realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstraction and more styles are represented. There’s something for everyone. Minimum bids range from $15 to $500, with many items starting at $25 to $30. Starting bids are half the retail price, so many people walk away with works at wholesale. All bidding is online, but the actual art can be seen in the gallery Tuesday through Saturday,   noon to 5:00. Bidding ends December 15th at 8:00pm. To bid, go to the ICON website (www.icon-art.org) and click on the link to the auction site. Local artists include John Preston, Bill Teeple, Greg Thatcher, Danielle Shier, Joanie McGinnis, Gillian Brown, Madeline deJoly, Charlotte Cain, Jeri Felix, Allen Cobb, Judy Bales, Suanna Breed, Stephen Whittle, Elaine Duncan, David Fleming, Mike Rutherford, David Kupferman, Care Connet, Susan Marcus, David Rose, Ananda Kesler, Irene Murphy, Cris Soth, Rosemary Lucente, Alexandra Ulmer, Ulrike Selleck, Petra Stanley, Galen Saturley, Sarah Baron, and many more. For more information iconbillteeple@gmail.com, 641-919-6252.
IOWA CONTEMPORARY ART   |   58 North Main Street, Fairfield, IA 52556 641-919-6252   |   bill@icon-art.org   |   iconbillteeple@gmail.com GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday through Saturday, 12:00 to 5:00pm and by appointment. ICON is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit educational charity. All donations are tax-deductible.