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Through August, 2021
ICON Gallery Video Presentation: Waste Land by David T. Hanson Hanson’s Waste Land series is a stunning documentary of a century of organized state terrorism against the North American land, its species, and its peoples.” Sociologist, Andrew Ross. ICON has partnered with over 60 art venues throughout the country in July 2021 to recent art statements bringing attention to mankind’s reckless abuse of our planet. The total event is titled: Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss.  ICON’s offering is a video installation by photographer, David T. Hanson, based on his groundbreaking book of photographs titled Waste Land. The 64 minute video will loop continuously during regular gallery hours, Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00, July 2 through August 7. Hanson’s Waste Land series (created in 1986) is a master photographer’s meditation on the country’s most dangerously polluted places.The July installation at ICON will feature a new video that Hanson has created of the entire series, including his aerial photographs, maps and EPA site descriptions of each hazardous waste site. Intended to be played in a continuous loop, the

Waste Land video becomes a haunting meditation on a ravaged landscape.

For this video, the composer Jarrad Powell created an original sound work. Sounds from three different sources—biophony (sounds of animals), geophony (sounds of weather and other natural elements), and anthrophony (sounds created by humans)—interpenetrate and are mediated by minimal electronic signal processing to yield a soundscape. Video production by Allen Cobb. Although Hanson’s Waste Land photographs were made in the mid-1980s, the work seems even more relevant today, given our growing concerns about energy production, environmental devastation, and climate change. For more about the video and David's work, click this link: Schedule your viewing by calling or emailing Bill Teeple:  or  call 641 919 6252. Masks are required.
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October, November, December 2021 - SYNERGY 3 Iowa City Artists: Kathy Edwards Hayslett                                                                             
Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area, Silver Bow/Deer Lodge Counties, Montana
September, 2021  ICON’s 20th Year Anniversary Celebrations!  Activities include films, slides, concerts and other performances.
More about David T. Hanson’s video:
More about David T. Hanson’s video: