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New Exhibit in the Hudson Collection Gallery at ICON The Hudson Collection Gallery on the mezzanine at ICON has an all new exhibition, opening on First Friday in Fairfield, October 1. The gallery was created to be the permanent home for the prestigious Hudson Collection of Shiva Linga paintings donated to ICON in 2018. The exhibition was organized by David T. Hanson. This exhibition brings together a selection of anonymous Shiva Linga paintings from ICON’s Hudson Collection, five anonymous Tantra paintings from the collection of David T. Hanson, and a group of Tantra-inspired paintings by Charlotte Cain. The Shiva Linga paintings shown here reproduce the selection and sequence of images chosen by Hudson and Feature Inc. to represent the entire collection of 71 anonymous Shiva Linga paintings on the gallery’s website. The exhibition is dedicated to the late Frank Andre Jamme (1947 - 2020), who is responsible for introducing this art to the west. Frank Andre Jamme was a French poet, artist, and translator. Jamme published numerous poems and fragments, as well as multiple limited-edition books. A specialist of Indian Tantric, Brut, and Tribal art, he was also praised for his work as an international curator. Working with Hudson and Feature Inc., Jamme assembled the series of Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings in he Hudson Collection. We are deeply indebted to Frank Andre Jamme. “We’ve paired the Tantric art with paintings by Charlotte Cain,” says ICON Director Bill Teeple. “Charlotte drew inspiration from Tantric painting and Indian miniature painting. She was highly trained in the art of the west having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. She went on to study miniature painting in India with one of the great masters of that art form, Bannu Sharma. She was a bridge between cultures.”
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