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Celebrating The Hudson Collection ICON Gallery is celebrating ICON’s collection of Shiva Linga Paintings by showing the entire collection of 55 works in the Hudson Gallery on the ICON mezzanine. The show opens on Friday, September 1st, 6:30 to 10:00pm. Ten years ago David T. Hanson began working with Hudson, Founder and Director of the New York art gallery Feature Inc., to organize an exhibition for ICON of a suite of 71 anonymous Shiva Linga paintings that had been assembled by Hudson and the French poet Franck André Jamme. Sadly, due to the unexpected death of Hudson, this exhibition had to be cancelled. But two years later Hudson’s siblings granted Hanson permission to purchase twelve of the paintings. He subsequently organized an exhibition at ICON of those twelve paintings along with a few of his color photographs of Indian temples. Patricia Hudson was so impressed with this small show and the Fairfield community’s interest in it that she and her two brothers decided to very generously donate the remainder of the suite of paintings to ICON’s permanent collection. In response, ICON created a dedicated space, the Hudson Gallery, to exhibit selections of the Hudson Collection along with other related artworks. Shiva Linga paintings on found paper are created anonymously in northwestern India by practitioners of Tantrism, some of whom are artists, to represent and embody fundamental aspects of Tantra, a vast and complex spiritual and philosophical practice. Made to awaken heightened consciousness, these devotional images are used for visualization and meditation as part of Tantra’s spiritual practices. Despite their expression of an unbroken, centuries-old tradition, the works in this exhibition (made between 1966 and 2004) seem both timeless and utterly contemporary. They also possess a remarkable affinity with examples of twentieth-century abstract art.
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Steven Erickson: Painter Opening at ICON Gallery, July 7 th
  An exhibit of abstract paintings by Steve Erickson opens at ICON Gallery on First Friday Artwalk, July 7, 6:30 - 10:00pm. Erickson is a longtime Iowa artist and exhibition designer with the University of Iowa Museum of Art. The show titled Steven Erickson: Painter includes work recently shown at the Figge Museum plus new pieces. It runs through September 23. “The most interesting artworks in history to me are often the ones you can never quite figure out,” says Erickson. “The person who made them seems irrelevant and often the subject is uncertain. These works have the ability to evoke anything or everything but are never surely about one thing. Rather than conveying specific messages or meanings, they encourage a state of deep looking and contemplation. They draw you into a deeper, more universal reality. The effect, at its best, is to wash your eyes of the assumptions you have about the world and leave you looking at things a little differently. The works in this show are my attempt to add to that tradition.” ICON Director, Bill Teeple, comments, “Steve creates some of the most sensitively constructed non-objective painting being made in the region. His work is matter of fact – no bells and whistles. The hand of the artist using brush and oil paint, and creative thinking is what you get. His work is filled with curiosity and exploration.”
  .” RECEPTION/WALKTHROUGH Friday, September 8 Doors open 7:30, Walkthrough begins 8:15 Walkthrough Broadcast Live on Facebook