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David T. Hanson had worked with Hudson on this exhibition, which was planned to   show the Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings from Hudson’s collection in conjunction   with a selection of Hanson’s recent photographs from India and Nepal. The ICON show was intended to be the beginning of a traveling exhibition of the series of 71 Shiva Linga paintings. Sadly, Hudson’s death on February 10 made the inclusion of his paintings  impossible. For this exhibition, we created a video of the Anonymous Shiva Linga  Paintings (displayed on a monitor in continuous loop) accompanied by a traditional  Vedic chant of the 1000 names of Shiva. In this way, although unable to exhibit his  original paintings, we have been able to remember Hudson, express our gratitude to him, and include him in the last exhibition that he worked on.  
This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Hudson Founder and Director of Feature Inc., New York.
Shammi Bannu, Krishna Displaying His Cosmic Form, 2002, opaque watercolor on cloth, 63 x 41".
David T. Hanson, Kailasa Temple, Ellora, Maharashtra, India, 1999, Ektacolor print, 15 x 18¼”.
This exhibition has been made possible by major support provided by: David T. Hanson, with additional funding from the Fairfield Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.