Duncan & Carla Brown and Irene Murphy at ICON “Golden Hour Trout” a photo exhibit by Duncan & Carla Brown, and monochrome flower paintings by Irene Murphy continue through December 19th at ICON Gallery. The Browns present macro photographs of a detail of a trout on a cast iron street grating in Chicago. The exhibit shows the huge variety of colors and textures in cast iron when photographed during Golden Hour. Cast iron in the environment differentially oxidizes, creating tens of thousands of mirror-like surfaces that catch incoming light at different angles and depths. The resulting images bring the viewer in close proximity to the delicacy of early morning and late afternoon light as seen during different days, different weather patterns and during different seasons. Fairfield artist Irene Murphy presents 25 paintings created in 2017 and 2018. They are painted in a consistent oil painting style that she developed during that period in a range of blacks, grays and whites. “I was really pleased,” says ICON Director Bill Teeple, “when she developed this particular look and I have wanted to share this work with the Fairfield audience at ICON ever since she completed the series.”
February 7— March 21st, 2020 Transformational Beauty—6 decades of Michael W. Barnard’s fine art explorations. April, May, 2020 3 Iowa City Artists:                                             Kathy Edwards Hayslett                                       Sue Hettmansperger                                          Cheryl Jacobson
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