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THE TONY STENGER EXPERIENCE AT ICON The Tony Stenger Experience comes to ICON Gallery in Oct and Nov. The exhibit of paintings is in two parts. It begins with a showing of works selected by ICON Director Bill Teeple, and then will gradually expand on the walls into November becoming a grand salon exhibition, reminiscent of the great floor to ceiling exhibitions of the 19th century. The show opens on First Friday in Fairfield, Oct 6th, 6:30 to 10:00pm. Opening night includes a music concert of original music by Tony Stenger performed by Tony and Doug Daller. “Tony Stenger is a bigger than life character,” says Teeple, “like someone you would expect to find in a novel. He’s a passionate artist -- embracing the world on a roller coaster ride his whole life. And, every once of the passion of his life spills out onto his canvases – Tony is a romantic expressionist.” Tony Stenger has painted almost every day for four decades and he has accumulated a remarkable and revealing body of work. And, although much of the work has found homes throughout the country, a vast amount is tucked away in warehouses and studios in Fairfield. Teeple remarks, “When I saw how much work there is, and what a wide range to the work, I decided we can’t just select a few pieces to show and do justice to the ‘Tony Stenger Experience’. I would like to start out by singling out certain works, and then I think we will just let the rest explode on to the walls of ICON.” The work ranges from hyper-reality story telling filled with Native Americans, UFOs and Aliens -- to non- representational abstraction -- to masterful expressionist landscapes. “I didn't do the path of art as a path for fame and $,” Stenger explains in his artist statement. “My path was ART as Spiritual PATH, as transformational path. Beauty transforming the world. That was/is my path. It is as much healing as it is anything. The paintings I paint are MEANT TO LIVE.”
 © Tony Stenger