Michael Barnard at ICON “When I first met Michael Barnard a few years ago, I was interested in his professional filmmaking.  At that time I discovered that he, also, had a large body of visual art that he had been making all his life. I felt it was important to put a show together that gave a glimpse of the numerous expressions by this creative soul.” — Bill Teeple, ICON Director These works of Michael W. Barnard, ranging from his teenage years in the mid-20th Century to the present beginning of the third decade of the 21st Century, are artifacts of his own journey. The works displayed are examples of spiritual/aesthetic explorations using a wide variety of media and technique. The styles presented are varied and inconsistent, yet the driving focus and intention has always been the same: to evoke and embody the enlightened soul and radiate that light through these sacred space experiences. It is a sharing of the somatic Infinite Bliss from which time and space emerge. It is a sharing and celebration of pure Creation.
March-August 2020 April, May, 2020 Synergy 3 Iowa City Artists:                                             Kathy Edwards Hayslett                                       Sue Hettmansperger                                        Cheryl Jacobson Mid-June, 2020 One week special event Structure and Flow: Art Fashion by Judy Bales July, August, 2020 Days Filled with Luster:  Early Reliefs and Sculptures, 1975–1985 Michael Cain
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Special Thanks to our ICON MEMBERS & Corporate Sponsors: The Jeri Felix Estate
ICON’s newly renovated Hudson Gallery re-opened on March 6 with an exhibition of Mark Paul Petrick’s photographs from India and Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings. The exhibition will feature fifteen prints from Petrick’s extended series an India (1998-2002) and a selection of Anonymous Shiva Linga Paintings  from ICON’s Hudson Collection.
Future ICON Exhibits:
Structure and Flow: Art Fashion by Judy Bales This exhibition will present avant garde fashion works by Judy Bales, displayed as sculptural objects in the gallery.  Bales’ considers her work to be a hybrid, combining fiber, sculpture and fashion in ways that blend and blur the edges of all three. In her fashion works she incorporates the industrial materials she favors for her sculptural objects, creating unusual and dramatic fashion statements.  While her work is frequently presented in runway venues, involving dynamic movement and human interaction, this exhibition will display the work as sculptural objects.  A special event featuring live models will be presented during the exhibition. Ms. Bales will also present a public lecture giving insight into her process and the greater world of fashion as art.